"Ichiban Marine International Co., Ltd." Taiwan Branch was established in 2013. The production department of the parent company has been operated for over 30 years in Malaysia.

When Ichiban was created at the beginning, the company was focus on selling seafood raw materials. Through non-stop learning and reforming, Ichiban now has become a mature “raw food-class” processing factory, which has been approved by many Japanese companies. Even though receiving a lot of affirmation from our Japanese clients, Ichiban is never self-satisfied. We continue chasing higher performance in product quality. Our primary goal is to produce the best seafood raw material in this industry.

The processing technology of Ichiban originated in Japan. At the early stage, Ichiban purchased all materials from Japan. As the company kept growing, we started introducing new technologies, which can process raw materials to semi-finished products. After improving the raw food-class technology, Ichiban now has the technological ability to produce finished products. Because of our great growing progress, Ichiban has received many Japanese companies' approval, and we even qualify Japan's high-quality seafood product requirements.


Ichiban’s parent company in Malaysia mainly sells seafood such as: cuttlefish, octopus, squid, etc. It exports products to different countries, for example: Japan, South Korea and China. Meanwhile, Ichiban Taiwan Branch’s major product is "raw food cuttlefish fillet". We adopt exclusive processing technology from Japan to produce our unique raw food cuttlefish fillet. Our food processing technique is complicated, which remains the very original raw seafood flavor and increases the joy of taste. Our raw food cuttlefish fillet is famous of being fresh, delicious, and ready to eat. Our customers admire our product of “as fresh as in the ocean.

Expectations / Goals

The expectation of Ichiban is to pursue the highest product quality for our customers. This is also the major goal we have been keeping up for. As a seafood producing company, we focus on "fresh", "health", "safety" and "delicacy". In addition, all of our products have been insured with liability insurance, which provides our consumers with more guarantees. Ichiban insists on making the greatest product for our customers in return for consumers’ health and satisfaction.

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